Import Chasing Problems - hello.lhs

Sigbjorn Finne
Mon, 8 Oct 2001 10:47:10 -0700

John Heron writes:
> I just installed ghc 5.02 on my NT 4.0 machine, and I'm wondering if the
> import chasing is broken for ghc-5.02 on Windows NT? Or perhaps there is
> yet another thing I don't understand about Haskell's environment or
> modules?  I got the following complaints when trying to compile Sigborn
> Finne's Win32 example hello.lhs
> (
> F:\stuff>ghc -o hello hello.lhs
> hello.lhs:14:
>     failed to load interface for `Win32':
>         Could not find interface file for `Win32'


have a look at the top of that file - it tells you what options you need to
GHC to compile the example (well, the options it suggests are deprecated
by The Powers That Be; you ought to use "-package" instead of "-syslib").

Simpler yet, try running it via ghci:

  c:\src\haskell> ghci -package win32 hello.lhs

and then evaluate 'main'.


btw, notice that ghc-5.02 currently has got a problem or two with the
Win32 library -- see