Functional Metapost maintained?

Ferenc Wagner
Sat, 24 Nov 2001 16:52:00 +0100

Dylan Thurston <> writes:

> This version still seems to expect an old version of ghc,
> since it uses fromInt (and expects it to be a member of
> Num), and deals with imports strangely; e.g., clients
> evidently expect 'FMPMpsyntax' to export 'Tension', which
> it doesn't, since it didn't import it from 'FMPPicture'.
> Is there a more recent version that at least compiles with
> ghc5?  (I could fix these errors easily, but don't want to
> duplicate work.)

Yesterday evening I finally managed to make a patched
version produce all the figures in the package's
file (using Feb2001 Hugs.)  I'm in the process of putting it
on the Web, it will be ready this evening.  BTW, I didn't
notice import problems.  They may be specific to GHC...  I
have got 5.02-1 now, I'll check later.  Isn't Hugs enough for
you for a while?