Functional Metapost maintained?

Ferenc Wagner
Wed, 07 Nov 2001 13:04:11 +0100


I got to know Haskell through Functional Metapost.  Those
who use LaTeX and feel like programming some graphics in
Haskell, might have a look at this:

Trying to use the package I had some problems with the
current Hugs and GHC, too.  It seems like the version I have
is quite dated: it uses fromDouble, fromInt, fromRealFrac
etc. which GHC barks at.

I made some modifications to have it compile, so that I can
use it know, but I still have a couple of problems that
should be washed out.  But before I go for it, I'd like to
know if somebody have got a newer version, or somebody else
maintains it, or have some relevant information about that
package, or anything...  On the Web I found nothing, really.

                                  Cheers: Feri.