Question concerning ftp and GHC binaries for HP-UX

Malcolm Wallace
Fri, 23 Mar 2001 16:24:18 +0000

> I'm very glad to know if there exists
> somebody who will aid me or play together with me over
> 64-bit ghc for 64-bit HPUXes. Should I attack the
> problem from HBC or nhc98?
> The last kisstion: Can I build ghc from Hugs

Ghc can only be built by itself, not with any other Haskell system.
The only Haskell compiler that is truly written in Haskell'98 and
can be built by all other compilers is nhc98.  Unfortunately nhc98
only works (currently) on 32-bit machines, not on 64-bits.

By the way, if someone wanted to donate a login on an 64-bit machine
accessible over the net, I would be interested to try to patch nhc98
to work under a 64-bit architecture.