A pecular algebraic data structure

Jan Skibinski jans@numeric-quest.com
Tue, 5 Jun 2001 09:38:48 -0400 (EDT)

	I've been working with one pecular algebraic data structure,
	named Register, which is described in currently upgraded 
	or in gzipped version of the same document
	Section 13 of that document outlines the background for
	the topic of this message. But the section is just way too
	long to quote it in here.

	But to summarize it: data Register is pecular because
	it is indexable but not observable in a standard way,
	and because two different representations can describe the same
	state. In theory there should be well defined transformation
	from one representation to another. This seems to me as a good
	subject for some research work.
	Granted that there are many experts on functional data
	structures out there (I do not want to pressure any
	of you gurus, so I am not naming anyone :-)), could you please 
	look at the write-up and help me with the following questions?

	+ Is the Register data structure strangely unique,
	  or does it fit somewhere into a hierarchy of known
	  functional data structures? I would be happy to learn
	  that the latter is the case, since I could then start
	  looking at it at a more formal, well known and tested way.

	+ Is a non-uniqness of representation amenable to formal
	  treatment, such as deforestation?