GHC core representation

Andrew Tolmach
Mon, 4 Jun 2001 02:31:44 -0700

Dear Haskellers,

Many months after the topic was first raised, there is finally a draft
document describing a formal external syntax for GHC's "Core"
intermediate language.    It is available from

Those who wish to experiment seriously with the format described
can download the latest "HEAD" experimental version of GHC.
Using the "-fext-core" option when compiling "foo.hs" will generate
a file "foo.core" (in additition to any other outputs specified).

The document currently gives only an informal semantics "Core;"
a much more formal semantics -- which I view as
a very important thing to have in practice -- is in progress=20
but not quite ready for public scrutiny.=20

As this is very much a draft (you'll see the holes!), feedback is
but due to the  GHC-internals nature of this topic, please direct your
to or to me personally
at  I'll be out of email contact for the next
month, though, so don't expect replies until July!

- Andrew Tolmach