Advantages of Paper

John Peterson
Tue, 5 Jun 2001 13:35:24 -0400

We're not really in a position to mail out bound copies of the Haskell
report.  We generally distribute our tech reports in electronic form
and haven't even been asked for paper copies in years.  I've got a few
bound Haskell reports that I give to visitors but we don't plan to
print any more.  It would be nice if the report was published in book
form someday!

The original problem here is that there's no comprehensive archive of
Haskell related research papers.  At one point we were maintaining a
set of useful papers at by hand (Olaf did all the hard
work ...) but it's not really feasable to do any of the
maintainence by hand anymore.

I've been slowly putting together software to automate -
forms for adding new applications, libraries, documents, and anything
else that you could want.  However, I'm not done and really need help
to get things finished.  In general, is open to anyone
that wants to work on these things and I would highly encourage anyone
with time available to pitch in!  I think is the right
place to give documents a permant home and will be glad to assist
anyone that wants to work on this with me.