Advantages of Paper

Alastair David Reid
05 Jun 2001 11:28:40 -0600

> I find it therefore of concern that many crucial Haskell documents,
> including the standard and, for example, the various Glasgow Haskell
> manuals, are only available online.

My printed copy of the Haskell 98 report is numbered:


Copies can no doubt be obtained from the Yale Haskell Group though I'm
afraid I don't know who you should write to or how much money to send.

It would be a good idea if described how to get a copy but
I don't know who maintains those pages.  As it is, you have to infer
the existence of a Yale tech report for the language from the fact
that the language report cites a tech report for the library :-)

[I'm less concerned about GHC documentation because it comes with the
compiler and it seems unlikely that you'd want one and not the other.]

Alastair Reid