lexical description problem in language report?

Thomas Hallgren hallgren@cse.ogi.edu
Mon, 23 Jul 2001 22:12:01 -0700

Memovich, Gary wrote:

> ... in section 2.3 where it is claimed that the string "{-" is a 
> lexeme. However the string "{-" cannot be produced by the given 
> grammar production.  ...
There seems to be a similar problem with qualified identifiers. The 
production for lexeme includes varid, conid, etc, rather than qvarid, 
qconid, etc. (Perhaps someone forgot to update it when qualified names 
were introduced, in Haskell 1.3...)

This might lead you to believe that qualified names are part of the 
context-free syntax rather than the lexical syntax, and hence that 
spaces are allowed in them. Qualified names are discussed briefly near 
the end of section 2.4, but their lexical properties are not explained 
here. Instead the reader is refered to section 5.3. This reference 
probably meant to lead to 5.5.1, where the text makes it clear that 
qualified names are part of the lexical syntax.

The same problem is present in Appendix B.

Suggestions: include qvarid, qconid in the production for lexeme. Move 
the explanation of the lexical properties of qualified names from 
section 5.5.1 to section 2.4.

Thomas Hallgren