Emacs ghci mode

Chris Webb chris@arachsys.com
18 Jul 2001 22:31:35 +0100

I've adapted Guy Lapalme's haskell-hugs mode to work correctly with the
new GHCi (principally to recognise the different error message formats).
Having okayed this with him, I've popped it up for download for anyone
who might find it useful:


Please send me any complaints about bugs and suggestions for other
things it might usefully do!

Since the current version of haskell-mode.el doesn't contain an autoload
for haskell-ghci, you'll need to add

  (autoload 'turn-on-haskell-ghci "haskell-ghci"
    "Turn on interaction with a GHCi interpreter." t)
  (add-hook 'haskell-mode-hook 'turn-on-haskell-ghci)

to ~/.emacs to make it work.

(All the haskell-hugs functions and variables have been renamed to
haskell-ghci, and in theory you can run both inferior hugs and inferior
ghci modes at the same time if you set up suitable keybindings.)