ANNOUNCE: Draft TOC of Haskell in a Nutshell

Ketil Malde
09 Jan 2001 07:39:47 +0100

Brook Conner <> writes:

> Inspired by the recent discussions of what kinds of books would encourage the
> spread of Haskell, I whipped up a draft table of contents for "Haskell in a
> Nutshell."

Let's see.  It all depends on what you put into the chapters, of
course, but you seem to jump directly from simple concepts into
Haskell for web servers.  Wouldn't it be better to push this further
out, until at least some of the syntax has been explored?

From the headlines, one might get the impression that type
declarations are only important when the compiler can't figure it out
itself - I'm sure the actual text will give a different view, no?

The cookbook looks great, and it's certainly something I'd buy the
book for.  I can, of course, think of many kinds of example programs
I'd like to see - how about a GUI oriented program, for instance?

Perhaps you could finish it off with a "real" application, say a GUIed
JPEG viewer, where you sort of string it all (the JPEG codec, a C
library interface for something or other, and GUI stuff, etc.)
together into a whole? 

On the whole, I think it looks good.  Best of luck!

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