GHC/Happy on MacOS X/Darwin

Atze Dijkstra
Wed, 3 Jan 2001 20:48:59 +0100

At 19:01 +0100 03/01/2001, Hans Aberg wrote:
> >- The MacOS X cc (c compiler) has some (blocking) bugs (for example,
>>problems with asm statements) which hinder progress.
>Isn't this related to the "munging" that GHC makes use of on other platforms?

Apple's cc (actually gcc) does not accept 'asm' statements the way the manual describes it (it fails to parse them). asm statements are used to map GHC runtime pseudo registers to actual powerpc machine registers. The assembly source postprocessing does not work either (it is turned off) but is not related to this problem (to my knowledge).

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