GHC/Happy on MacOS X/Darwin

Atze Dijkstra
Wed, 3 Jan 2001 11:05:49 +0100

On a version of ghc (4.08.1) and happy (still 1.8) for MacOS X/Darwin can be downloaded. However, a few remarks do apply: this version of ghc is not a completely ported version but built with generic settings and meant as a bootstrapping compiler. It also is distributed as binaries for a specific location (/usr/local/{ghc,happy}) in the UNIX directory structure. The main reasons for distributing it in this unfinished form are:
- The MacOS X cc (c compiler) has some (blocking) bugs (for example, problems with asm statements) which hinder progress.
- I consider 'unfinished' availability now of greater importance than 'perfect' availability later, so people can play with it.
- The compiler seems to run ok, that is, after minimal testing (compiling ghc libraries and a local AG + parsercombinator system).


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