matt hellige
Tue, 6 Feb 2001 16:39:53 -0600

[Andrew Tolmach <>]
> Indeed, I plan to publish a draft specification (quite soon) and
> will be delighted to get feedback from the community before 
> investing heavily in implementation.  I'm very glad to hear
> that others are interested!

i'm also quite interested in this project, and eagerly await your draft!
let us know when it's available! 

a quick question re: ghc's Core language... is it still very similar
to the abstract syntax given in, for example, santos' "compilation by
transformation..." (i think it was his dissertation?) and elsewhere, or
has it changed significantly in the last couple of years? i only ask
because i know the language used in that paper is somewhat different from
the Core language given in peyton jones and lester's "implementing functional 
languages" from 92, and includes type annotations and so on.


matt hellige