Announcing haskelldoc

Henrik Nilsson
Mon, 05 Feb 2001 17:14:18 -0500

Dear Haskellers,

At the recent Haskell Implementors' meeting in Cambridge, UK,
it was decided that it would be useful to have a standard for
embedded Haskell documentation. Such standards, and associated
tools for extracting and formating the documentation in various ways,
exists for other languages like Java and Eiffel and have proven to
be very useful. Some such tools also exist (and are being actively
developed) for Haskell, but there is as yet no generally agreed upon
standard for the format of the embedded documentation as such.

To address this, a mailing list has been started with the aim of
defining a standard for embedded Haskell documentation, and
possibly also related standards which would facilitate the development
of various tools making use of such documentation (formatters, source
code browsers, search tools, etc.).

We feel that it is important to involve all who might be interested
in this work at an early stage, so that as many aspects as possible
can be taken into consideration, and so that the proposal for a
standard which hopefully will emerge has a reasonable chance of
gaining widespread support.

Thus, You are hereby cordially invited to join
To join, just goto

Best regards,

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