"Job Adverts" on haskell.org

C.Reinke C.Reinke@ukc.ac.uk
Tue, 06 Feb 2001 15:27:54 +0000

> Haskell.org has a page "Job Adverts".
> http://www.haskell.org/jobs.html

I like the new scope. But to minimise confusion of people looking for
paid jobs (which now exist), why not reflect the explanations in the first
paragraph in the page structure? Two main sections should be sufficient, 
with the current sections falling naturally into one of the two:

A Adverts for positions involving Haskell
	- Positions in Academia
	- Positions in Industry

B Descriptions of jobs that need doing
	- new libraries/tools needed
		- medium-level GUI library needed
	- new caretakers for existing libraries/tools needed
	- calls for contributions
		- donate your programs for testing and benchmarking
	- calls for cooperations
		- project X..

(change order if necessary;-)
> If you are working on some Haskell project and could
> do with some help, then advertise here (and on the Haskell mailing
> list). Even more importantly: If you built some Haskell software and
> unfortunately no longer feel able to maintain it, then please advertise
> here (and on the Haskell mailing list) for new people to take it over
> and give it a home. Thus we may alleviate the problem of the large
> number of Haskell tools and libraries that are half complete and no
> longer maintained.

Excellent ideas, especially the focus on keeping existing things in
good working order by passing them on to new caretakers!
Some aspects of the Haskell wish list might overlap with aspects of
the suggested section B? I would suggest to keep the two linked to each
other, with the wish list focusing on would-be-nice-to-have, and the
task list focusing on needs-to-be-done and is-going-to-be-done. So
that ideas might start on the wish list, but move to the task list 
when they become more concrete (either there exists a concrete
customer, or a project is forming with the first names of contributors
already written down or work having started, or a current maintainer 
is looking for someone to take over).