Aldor, Cayenne

Lennart Augustsson
Fri, 24 Aug 2001 18:18:41 +0200

"S.D.Mechveliani" wrote:

> To my
> >> (1) it is desirable to accommodate such features of Aldor language
> >> as types as values and dependent types
> Alastair David Reid <> writes
> > You should take a look at Lennart Augustsson's Cayenne:
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > In the fullness of time, it'd be useful to hear back from you:
> >
> > What parts of Cayenne (that Haskell lacks) are useful for your system?
> > Which parts are a problem?
> > Which parts are of no use for what you're trying to do?
> First, download Aldor. It says it is coming within several weeks,
> but it is also available (as commercial) from-within Axiom.
> And try to program in Aldor and in Cayenne the above example with
> Zmod(n),  or similar, compute something for such domain, try other
> simple mathematical examples, and see, which programs
> _look more natural_ and which of them fail.
> Aldor has a large non-standard library - Axiom.
> Probably, this can be considered as certain guarantee for Aldor
> fitness. Cayenne has not such confirmation.

The aim of Cayenne and Aldor seem to be a little different.  There
are things you can do in one, but not the other.  (Aldor seems to lack
some features that makes it possible to make proofs in it.  I'm very
dubious if Aldor can be made to do this things without restricting the

> Year or two ago I dealt with Cayenne. Sent a couple of questions and
> notes. Then Cayenne people silenced. Probably, got tired to answer
> to silly newbie's questions (there were 3-4 letters). And I quitted,
> because was not able to work with this version of program. It
> behaved so, that I doubted whether it is going to grow into a needed
> tool.

There is no real development work going on with Cayenne, so it won't
grow into anything.