Bernd Holzmüller
Wed, 15 Aug 2001 09:42:40 +0200

You might want to use

e n = sum [1 % fak x | x <- [0..n]]

and convert it to floating point representation via fromRational (e l)

Bernd Holzmüller

Luis Pablo Michelena schrieb:
> hello, i just want to ask a simple question: does somebody have or
> know where to find a haskell program that calculates the number e,
> that is the list of infinite digits? Because i think it may be
> possible to do it, but i haven´t find the way to do it.
> what i am looking for is something like the ertostenes sifts, that
> prints every prime number until it run out of memory...
> thank you,
>                 Luis