A GUI toolkit looking for a friend

luc ltaesch@europemail.com
Sun, 08 Apr 2001 16:42:18 +0000

<disclaimer> im very rookie in Haskell </disclaimer>

i d like to have some GUI for an application (widget and caselike
drawing), for either windows an unix.
if i summarized todays options :
- franttk and fudget are not either widget and (unix and windows )
-tcl haskell works on both win and unix, and has widgets, but is a tcl
wrapper, and as such, is not "functiunal" enough.

1) am i understanding the situtation correctly ?

2) is none of the high level ones are "The right way to do it", do we
know why ? any kind of positive criticism on that ? comparison ?

3) how complex would it be to take, say the fudget approach, and  build
it on top of tcl haskell ? any obvious incompatibilities ?

4) or extend frantk with widgets ?

on top I would add: none of these are up to the level of fancy we expect
of today's gui. tcl is nice, but a bit primitive looking , isnt it ? (no
flame intended)

5)anybody ever considered other toolkit, like
-Qt ( www.trolltech.com , true multplatform, now OSS, base of KDE),
- or the young PARAGUI (based on SDL, the OPengl gaming multiplatform
(high performance)
http://www.bms-austria.com/projects/paragui/screenshots.html ) ?

6) how complex, given a C++ interface, to "automate" a wrapper around
that ? can Hdirect, do that , or others ? (note. I meant  C++, not C. )