Hello List Have an IO String question

Erik Meijer erik@meijcrosoft.com
Mon, 2 Apr 2001 18:50:01 -0700

use unsafePerformIO (that's this year's April fools' joke :-).

Do a Google on "Monads Haskell" and you will find plenty of answers; in
short you should "bind" the result of readFile using (>>=) : IO a -> (a ->
IO b) -> IO b.

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>   I am new to the list and to Haskell, and would appreciate any help
anyone can give me on a problem I am having.  I am using Hugs98 in case that
>   My question involved reading from a file.  I used the line:
>       readFile "c:/myfile.txt"
> To read my file and this works fine.  I now want to take the contents of
the file and use it in a function that takes in a String, but am getting an
error since readFile returns an IO String.  Is there a way to convert an IO
String to a normal String?  Thank you all.
> Rob
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