Group theory

Marc van Dongen
Tue, 24 Oct 2000 19:29:58 +0100

Eric Allen Wohlstadter ( wrote:

: Are there any Haskell libraries or programs related to group theory? I am
: taking a class and it seems like Haskell would be a good programming
: language for exploring/reasoning about group theory. What I had in mind
: was perhaps you could have a function which takes a list(set) and a
: function with two arguments(binary operator) and checks to see whether or
: not it is a group. I think it might be a fun exercies to write myself but
: I'd like to see if it's already been done or what you guys think about it.

I think Sergey Mechveliani's docon (algebraic DOmain CONstructor)
has facilities for that. Have a look at:


Marc van Dongen