Mailing list software changing

Simon Marlow
Mon, 9 Oct 2000 02:54:52 -0700

Dear Haskell & Haskell-cafe,

At we're migrating the mailing lists from majordomo (which is
somewhat old and clunky) to Mailman, which will amongst other things make my
life a lot easier, provide better archives, add digest support and allow
subscription/unsubscription via a web interface.

You should all receive a notification shortly about subscription to the new
lists.  Unfortunately it seems we have to do this, because the confirmation
contains the password for accessing & modifying your personal subscription
details on the web.  If you *don't* receive a confirmation in the next 24
hours, please let me know.

Heres hoping everything goes smoothly, and once again I apologise for the
extra spam in your mailbox.