Hugs and Linux

Fergus Henderson
Fri, 10 Nov 2000 23:07:23 +1100

On 10-Nov-2000, <> wrote:
> I can't get hugs98 to work under my linuxplatform. I have the Red
> Hat distirbution 7.0.
> The problem is that hugs requires a file called "" and
> I have "" on my system. Does anyone know how to get 
> around this problem??

One *possible* work-around is to just try linking to

In general that won't work, because the interface to
will be different from the interface to (that's why they
gave it a new major number).  But Hugs probably doesn't use that much
of the interface to readline (e.g. there's no support for command-line
completion, except the default file-name completion), so the difference
*might* not matter. 

It's certainly worth a try ;-)


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