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Wed, 6 Dec 2000 20:52 +0100


I found your address on a site about wine, food and good living. I thought =
that you will be interested by the services that our site offers. is a virtual Club for all those interested in wine in bo=
th a professional and personal capacity.

We now have more than 3900 members, both amateur and in the trade who use o=
ur site to discuss wine, buy and sell it and tell us about the best sources.

Club members use the Newsgroup of to exchange informatio=
n and experiences.  Only the other day someone asked how much a certain rar=
e wine was worth, I asked for more information about the grape variety, whi=
ch doesn't grow in France. Currently there have been more than 717 question=
s and replies.

There is also the small ads. column.

Among the 7 adverts placed this week there have been some really good deals=
 including a magnum of 1945 Pichon Lalande and a 1947 Cheval blanc!

Let me make it clear - itself does not sell or buy wine:=
 we simply offer our members the facilites for making their own arrangement=
s. is also a site supplying information in real time, parti=
cularly the latest news from winegrowers and makers via the French Press Ag=
ency (AFP).  We also have a database of more than 21,000 wines with informa=
tion supplied directly to the site by winegrowers co-operatives and special=
ist magazines.

I should be delighted if you would come and join us.  At
 you will find similarly-minded people who just want to share their love of=

Kind regards

Fran=E7ois Xavier Bodin, Manager of the Online Club

PS.  Registering with the club is absolutely free and co=
mmits you to nothing.

If you are not interested in my offer, please excuse this letter; I am sorr=
y to have bothered you.  To prevent further unwanted intrusions please clic=
k on the following link, your email will be automatically removed from our =