JFP Special Issue on Haskell

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Mon, 4 Dec 2000 8:54:00 GMT

Dear all,

Please note that the deadline for submission to the JFP Special Issue
on Haskell is in two months time --- 1st February 2001.

Graham Hutton



		  Journal of Functional Programming

		       Special Issue on Haskell

Since its  inception in 1987, Haskell  has provided a  focal point for
research  in  lazy  functional  programming.   During  this  time  the
language  has continually  evolved, as  a result  of  both theoretical
advances  and  practical  experience.   Haskell  has proved  to  be  a
powerful tool for many kinds of programming tasks, and applications in
industry are beginning to emerge.  The recent definition of Haskell 98
provides a long-awaited stable version  of the language, but there are
many exciting possibilities for future versions of Haskell.

The  fourth  Haskell  Workshop  was  held  as part  of  the  PLI  2000
colloquium  on Principles, Logics,  and Implementations  of high-level
programming  languages  in Montreal,  17th  September 2000.   Previous
Haskell Workshops have been held in Paris (1999), Amsterdam (1997) and
La Jolla (1995).   Following on from these workshops,  a special issue
of the Journal  of Functional Programming will be  devoted to Haskell.
Possible topics include, but are not limited to:

   Critiques of Haskell 98;
   New proposals for Haskell;
   Applications or case studies;
   Programming techniques;
   Reasoning about programs;
   Semantic issues;
   Pedagogical issues;

Contributors to  any of  the Haskell workshops  are invited  to submit
full papers to the special issue on Haskell, but submission is open to
everyone.   Submissions should be  sent to  the guest  editor (address
below),  with   a  copy  to   Nasreen  Ahmad  (nasreen@dcs.gla.ac.uk).
Submitted  articles should  be sent  in postscript  format, preferably
gzipped and uuencoded. In addition, please send, as plain text, title,
abstract,  and contact  information.  The  submission deadline  is 1st
February 2001.  For other  submission details, please consult an issue
of JFP or see the Journal's web pages.

Guest Editor:

   Graham Hutton
   School of Computer Science and IT
   The University of Nottingham
   Nottingham NG8 1BB
   United Kingdom

Useful Links:

   2000 Haskell Workshop          www.cs.nott.ac.uk/~gmh/hw00.html
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