String != [Char]

Greg Weber greg at
Mon Mar 26 16:51:02 CEST 2012

>> I would like to get back to working on the proposal and determining
>> how Text can be added to the language.
> The discussion started because of the question of whether Text should
> support list processing functions at all, and if so how.  That is a
> very legitimate
> question related to the Text proposal, at least if you are concerned about
> correct semantics.  Once you are there, the discussion about Unicode
> characters is unavoidable, and is very much within the scope of discussing
> Text.

Can we take a break from arguing then, and can you create a wiki page
that explains how you think Text should behave? This conversation is
getting extremely long and repetitive.

Can someone please show me how to create a wiki page on the Haskell
proposals site (or suggest a different appropriate site)?

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