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Malcolm Wallace malcolm.wallace at
Wed Dec 12 11:40:53 CET 2012

I confess that I have not had enough free time in the last two years to have been a good chair for the language committee.  (Using Haskell in the real world is just too absorbing!)  I think the next chair should probably be an academic, who may have more incentive to spend effort on formalisation of the language design process than us industrial types.  (At work, if we want a language extension, we just go ahead and implement it - job done.)

There is a mailing list for the members of the language committee: haskell-2011-committee at  It has not seen any activity since 3 messages in October 2011, and prior to that, a thread of 13 messages in Nov/December 2010.  Both of those threads were largely about the vanishingly small number of proposals to be decided upon, and whether to issue a new Report (the answer being no on both occasions).

So, given that there are a few people who have expressed interest in reviving the language formalisation process, perhaps we should hold nominations for a new committee, in the spirit of the method outlined on the wiki page:

Please send nominations to haskell-2011-committee at, summarising your interest and experience.  The existing committee will (I hope) make some decision on how to proceed, in early January 2013.


On 12 Dec 2012, at 02:42, Ramana Kumar wrote:

> Dear Malcolm,
> What is the current status of Haskell Prime, as far as you know?
> (Is there a better way to reach the Haskell Prime committee than just emailing the chair?)
> We have a few volunteers here looking to keep Haskell Prime moving forward, and Simon suggested following the tracks of earlier pioneers and resuming/joining where they left off.
> Cheers,
> Ramana

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