Unsafe hGetContents

oleg at okmij.org oleg at okmij.org
Sat Oct 10 05:51:16 EDT 2009

Simon Marlow wrote:
> Ah yes, if you have two lazy input streams both referring to the same
> underlying stream, that is enough to demonstrate a problem.  As for
> whether Oleg's example is within the rules, it depends whether you
> consider fdToHandle as "unsafe"

I wasn't aware of the rules. Fortunately, UNIX (FreeBSD and Linux)
give plenty of opportunities to shoot oneself. Here is the code from
the earlier message without the offending fdToHandle:

> {- Haskell98! -}
> module Main where
> import System.IO
> -- f1 and f2 are both pure functions, with the pure type.
> -- Both compute the result of the subtraction e1 - e2.
> -- The only difference between them is the sequence of
> -- evaluating their arguments, e1 `seq` e2 vs. e2 `seq` e1
> -- For really pure functions, that difference should not be observable
> f1, f2:: Int ->Int ->Int
> f1 e1 e2 = e1 `seq` e2 `seq` e1 - e2
> f2 e1 e2 = e2 `seq` e1 `seq` e1 - e2
> read_int s = read . head . words $ s
> main = do
>        let h1 = stdin
>        h2 <- openFile "/dev/stdin" ReadMode
>        s1 <- hGetContents h1
>        s2 <- hGetContents h2
>        -- print $ f1 (read_int s1) (read_int s2)
>        print $ f2 (read_int s1) (read_int s2)

It exhibits the same behavior that was described in

I think Windows may have something similar.

> The reason it's hard is that to demonstrate a difference you have to get
> the lazy I/O to commute with some other I/O, and GHC will never do that.

The keyword here is GHC. I may well believe that GHC is able to divine
programmer's true intent and so it always does the right thing. But
writing in the language standard ``do what the version x.y.z of GHC
does'' does not seem very appropriate, or helpful to other

> Haskell's IO library is carefully designed to not run into this
> problem on its own.  It's normally not possible to get two Handles
> with the same FD...
Is this behavior is specified somewhere, or is this just an artifact
of a particular GHC implementation?

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