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Hi Robert,

At the recent Haskell workshop, I stood up and gave the following  
summary (approximately):

Up to now, the Haskell' effort has been mostly about exploring the  
possibilities, to find out what could be in Haskell', and to scope  
out what it might mean. We've now reached the stage where we want to  
do the opposite, namely trying to pin down what we definitely want to  
have in the standard, and what it should look like in detail. I've  
set aside a chunk of my own time this fall to help coordinate the  
activity, write text etc. I'm hoping that things should be pretty  
clear by early next year.

I have spoken with CUP and JFP about publishing the standard as a  
special issue of JFP and as a book, and they are interested. The  
strawman timeline for that is early next summer.

Hope this helps,

On Oct 11, 2007, at 9:34 PM, Robert Will wrote:

> Hi all,
> When I first discovered Haskell' I was really excited to hear that
> many of the individual extensions that are already used by many people
> are going to be put together to one coherent next release.
> I have read the archive of the Haskell Prime Mailing list for all of
> 2007 as well as a lot of pages on and in the Haskell Prime
> Wiki, yet the most recent status report that I found is the one in the
> wiki from September 2006.
> (')
> Could someone please summarize the current status and planned time
> line for Haskell'?
> thanks a lot,
> Robert
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