[Haskell] Views in Haskell

Mark Tullsen tullsen at galois.com
Thu Jan 25 14:44:16 EST 2007

On Jan 25, 2007, at 6:40 AM, Claus Reinke wrote:

>> Strangely, for other reasons, I'm planning, within a week or so,  
>> to  start implementing the "pattern-binder" syntax I discussed in  
>> the paper (either in GHC or as a pre-processor).
> I'm somewhat surprised to read this. Between view patterns, lambda- 
> match,
> and Control.Monad.Match, I thought we were approaching a situation in
> which we have all the essential aspects covered (perhaps apart from  
> the fact that your combinators come in both left-right and right- 
> left variants), with slightly more convenience and better  
> integration with existing pattern match facilities
> Especially the pattern-binder syntax and translation strike me as more
> complicated (so much so that I would rather use a simplified form  
> of the translation result than all that machinery) and no more  
> general than combining view patterns with pattern functions. But  
> perhaps that is a
> question of personal style (and my own use of type-classes to lift
> mplus to pattern-functions has also been classed as complicated by
> others;-).
> Is there anything specific you find missing, or a those other  
> reasons the
> motivation with going for your own version?
> Claus

Good question.  It's not that I think there is some "essential aspect"
which isn't covered: View patterns will definitely add some useful  
and ditto for lambda-match and Control.Monad.Match (though I haven't  
yet had time
to fully assimilate this stuff: I didn't start following this thread  
till yesterday).

First Class Patterns are radical enough and are so far from meshing  
with the
pattern language of Haskell that I don't really consider them a  
"competing proposal".

My motivations for implementing "pattern-binder" syntax are as follows
   1) I have a special need for some significant syntactic sugar for  
which pattern binders
      perfectly fit the bill.  (For general programming I use my  
pattern combinators and
      the 'do' notation.)
   2) There are other reasons why I want to use Haskell-98 and would  
like to be able to use
      other compilers.  Thus, I'd want a pattern-binder preprocessor  
(extending GHC is
      not as important to me).

Here's my motivating example.  Here's a fragment for an STG  
interpreter in Haskell-98:
   rule_CASE_ELIM (Case p alts, s, h, o) =
       ConApp c as <- ptsTo p h
       let matchAlt (Alt c' vs e) | c == c' = Just (vs,e)
           matchAlt _                       = Nothing
       (vs,e) <- matchFirst matchAlt alts
       return (e `sub` (vs,as), s, h, o)

I'd like it to have a textual form just a little more abstract, I can  
do that with
pattern binders and some appropriate combinators:

   rule_CASE_ELIM =
       { (Case p alts    , s, h, o) }
               &&& ptsTo p h === { ConApp c as  }
               &&& alts === matchFirst { Alt #c vs e }
         (e `sub` (vs,as), s, h, o)

I'll leave it as an exercise to figure out how the last is  
parenthesized ;-).

- Mark

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