[Haskell] Views in Haskell

Claus Reinke claus.reinke at talk21.com
Thu Jan 25 09:40:58 EST 2007

> Strangely, for other reasons, I'm planning, within a week or so, to  
> start implementing the "pattern-binder" syntax I discussed in the paper 
> (either in GHC or as a pre-processor).

I'm somewhat surprised to read this. Between view patterns, lambda-match,
and Control.Monad.Match, I thought we were approaching a situation in
which we have all the essential aspects covered (perhaps apart from the 
fact that your combinators come in both left-right and right-left variants), 
with slightly more convenience and better integration with existing pattern 
match facilities 

Especially the pattern-binder syntax and translation strike me as more
complicated (so much so that I would rather use a simplified form of the 
translation result than all that machinery) and no more general than 
combining view patterns with pattern functions. But perhaps that is a
question of personal style (and my own use of type-classes to lift
mplus to pattern-functions has also been classed as complicated by

Is there anything specific you find missing, or a those other reasons the
motivation with going for your own version?


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