recent changes to draft haskell prime report

Donald Bruce Stewart dons at
Mon Jan 15 10:16:11 EST 2007

> isaac jones <ijones at> wrote:
> > You can view the report itself here (I couldn't think of a good place
> > to put it):
> >
> I have fiddled with the build system, to enable the current state of the
> Report in the darcs repository to be generated into (at least) HTML,
> (hopefully also PDF and PS soon) automatically as every patch is checked
> in.  In theory, the following link should always give you the most
> up-to-date version of the text:
> (I am wondering whether to make this a 'darcs test' thing, so if the
> Report fails to build, your patch will be rejected.  Any opinions?)

That seems reasonable.

-- Don

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