help from the community?

Malcolm Wallace Malcolm.Wallace at
Fri Feb 2 05:46:32 EST 2007

Douglas Philips <dgou at> wrote:

>            .....            to fark around with that stoopid ass ...
>                                    ....              Pisses off users 
>      ...     domineering compiler writer can feel smug 'bout 'mself.  
> Feh. Feh^2.

Hey, man, take a chill pill.  I did say it was a _minor_ horror.

> this is off topic. Sorry, I don't know if that is troll bait or not...

Since yours is the first actual flame I can remember ever being posted
to any Haskell list, I think this counts as the beginning of the end of
civilisation as we know it.  :-)  At least, the beginning of the end of
civilised discussion.  And couldn't you guess - over lexical syntax! :-)


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