help from the community?

Douglas Philips dgou at
Thu Feb 1 17:57:44 EST 2007

On 2007 Feb 1, at 4:53 PM, Malcolm Wallace indited:
> I find the "program-generated code" argument rather weak.  In that  
> past it was used to justify all kinds of minor horrors like excess  
> commas in lists and so on.
> ...
> That only encourages humans to use sloppy practices in hand-written  
> code as well.

Oh, you mean something like:

x = ( "asdf",
-- ...

Cause I really want to have to fark around with that stoopid ass last  
comma when I rearrange the order of the itmes in my tuple (or list).  
Gah, gratuitous syntax pain for what actual benefit? Pisses off users  
so that some domineering compiler writer can feel smug 'bout 'mself.  
Feh. Feh^2.

It isn't sloppy, it is REGULAR. It is easy to use that trivial human  
eye/brain pattern matching to see that it _is_ correct. But maybe  
this is off topic. Sorry, I don't know if that is troll bait or not...


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