If you really care, make sure it gets on the wiki (how to create a proposal)

isaac jones ijones at galois.com
Sat Mar 4 20:59:16 EST 2006

I'm sure you've noticed that there is a lot of traffic on this list.  I
want to emphasize that if you really care about an idea, you should make
sure it gets on the wiki in one way or another, or it may get lost in
the mass of traffic on the mailing list:

How to create a proposal
If you have an idea:

     1. Post it to the MailingList. Use the MailingList for discussion
        and to reach a consensus.
     2. If you don't have a wiki account, Log in with username guest and
        password haskell' to create and edit tickets.
     3. after some discussion, create a new ticket (or modify an
        existing one) to document the consensus as a proposal. See
     4. You may want to post the wiki page you create back to the thread
        so that the thread participants can review and edit it. If you
        get no support on the mailing list for an idea, please think
        twice about whether or not to create a ticket for it.
     5. Watch for threads that outlive their usefulness as a discussion.
        Document the disagreements on the wiki.
How to modify an existing proposal
     1. if the proposal is in a ticket, modify it directly
     2. otherwise, if you don't have write access to the wiki, discuss
        your change request on the mailing list
     3. or just modify the ticket that references that wiki page,
        requesting the change be made there.


isaac jones <ijones at galois.com>

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