what's the goal of haskell-prime?

Simon Peyton-Jones simonpj at microsoft.com
Mon Jan 30 15:26:20 EST 2006

| My original understanding of the Haskell' effort was that it was *not*
| intended as going for "Haskell 2", but rather as an update of Haskell
| In other words, the target is Haskell 2005:
| - anything that was tried and tested by the end of 2005 is a potential
|     candidate for inclusion in Haskell 2005. nothing else is.
| this would necessarily exclude much of the discussion here

I think that the main justification for such discussion is

	this is one of the rare times when it's arguably
	OK to make non-upward-compatible changes

Such changes tend not to be tried-and-tested precisely because they
break H98.   We can flirt with many such changes, but we should probably
only adopt ones for which the case seems very strong.


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