proposal for moving forward

Isaac Jones ijones at
Wed Feb 15 22:52:32 EST 2006

We have a fairly large list of proposals on the wiki, but in my
opinion, we need to start to discuss how they interact with
each-other, and what the "big ideas" of this standard are.  I've
identified two sets of proposals that need clarification or fixing.
These are a sort of "meta proposal" that reference a handful of other

solve the MultiParamTypeClassDilemma:

bring together various class-related tickets into something coherent:

Can we identify more?  Here are all of the proposals:

The categorization of proposals at that link is a first-pass at what
might be in or out, and is just for discussion.

My intuition (and a proposal) is that our job will be to:

 1. conservatively standardize some of the most robust extensions,
 2. clean up the class hierarchies and some libraries,
 3. solve the MPTC dilemma (see above), and
 4. pick one other "big idea" such as records or bang patterns.




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