MPTCs and functional dependencies

Andres Loeh loeh at
Thu Feb 2 11:38:06 EST 2006

> But isn't the whole point of Haskell' to standardise those features
> that are agreed to be necessary for writing real-world
> applications and libraries in a reasonable way?

Assuming for a little while that we'd actually want to incorporate FDs
in Haskell'. Could we even do it? Is there a document describing *all*
the aspects of FDs in a reasonable complexity and abstraction level
that would be appropriate for a standard. If not, could such a document
easily be written with the knowledge of today?

After all, I don't want Haskell' to read "... and we incorporate
FDs as they are implemented in GHC". On the other extreme, I don't
want the Haskell' report to have a chapter on FDs that makes up 
50% of the whole report.

In any case, I will sit down and read the papers at

Maybe this will answer my question.


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