Concurrency, FFI status

Manuel M T Chakravarty chak at
Fri Apr 21 10:01:51 EDT 2006

Simon Marlow:
> I have now summarised the concurrency proposal status, here:
> cy
> I have tried to summarise the various points that have arisen during the
> discussion.  If anyone feels they have been mis-paraphrased, or I have
> forgotten something, please feel free to edit, or send me some text for
> inclusion.  I don't want to include long gobs of text in here, though:
> just summarise the main points, and if necessary link to relevant
> mailing list posts.

Good summary.

Concerning the issue of preemptive versus cooperative concurrency, I
still think cooperative concurrency is pretty useless.  Is there any
non-toy application that actually uses Hugs' current cooperative

Concerning the trouble of Hugs and Jhc to implement preemptive
concurrency, IMHO that's a significant design flaw in these
implementations.  Preemptive concurrency is important for many
applications and, if anything, will become more important with new
architectures.  Fundamental limits on being able to support this,
fundamentally limit the application space.  I'd rather not see that
design flaw being transferred from these implementations to the language


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