Concurrency, FFI status

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Fri Apr 14 09:08:07 EDT 2006

Good summary.  I have made a few edits mainly to clarify what (I think)
is being said.

Under "cooperative or preemptive concurrency" I'd like someone two write
down as precisely as possible what it means to say "the spec requires
cooperative concurrency" or "the spec requires preemptive concurrency".
That would set the context for the following choices


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| I have now summarised the concurrency proposal status, here:
| cy
| I have tried to summarise the various points that have arisen during
| discussion.  If anyone feels they have been mis-paraphrased, or I have
| forgotten something, please feel free to edit, or send me some text
| inclusion.  I don't want to include long gobs of text in here, though:
| just summarise the main points, and if necessary link to relevant
| mailing list posts.
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