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Yesod (https://yesodweb.com), Servant (https://www.servant.dev), Pandoc (
https://pandoc.com), HLedger (https://hledger.org), and XMonad (
https://xmonad.org), among others, argue against Haskell being only an
academic language.

(I'm the principal maintainer of xmonad, but not involved with the other

On Tue, Nov 14, 2023 at 4:28 PM Henrique Caldeira <h.caldeira at ua.pt> wrote:

> Good Evening from Portugal,
> I write to you about the usage of Haskell because I had a professor
> recommending me Erlang instead because Haskell was "more for academic
> purposes", which left me wondering if all my time spent was spent only for
> curiosity sake.
> I want to know how true my professor's statement is.
> I am very passionate about Haskell, although I admit the ecosystem can be
> confusing sometimes (for example, when to use cabal or stack, which
> versions of packages to use in order to avoid conflicts, or simply
> installing them through nixos or arch can be a learning process).
> Would love to hear your thoughts about all of this and thank you with all
> my heart.
> Lastly, all these wonderings are asked in a curious, "wanting to learn
> more" mindset.
> Kind regards,
> Henrique Caldeira
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