[Haskell-cafe] Summer of Haskell 2023 Project Selections

Aaron Allen aaronallen8455 at gmail.com
Sun May 21 20:38:41 UTC 2023

This year, Google did not select Haskell as an open-source project for the
Google Summer of Code program. In line with tradition, the Haskell
community stepped up, with multiple individuals, companies, and non-profit
organizations funding nine significant open-source contributions to the
Haskell ecosystem:

- Cabal file support for HLS

- Implement Resolution Methods in HLS

- Goto Definition for Third-Party Libraries in HLS

- Teaching Weeder About Type Class Instances

- Standardize GHC’s Error Dump in JSON Format

- Maximally Decoupling Haddock and GHC

- Representing Pattern

- Improving Calligraphy

- Structured Errors and Error Codes for cabal-install

For more details about the accepted projects, the participants, and the
mentors, see this announcement:

We would like to thank the sponsors who made this possible:

 - The Haskell Foundation

 - Kadena

 - Jane Street

 - Holmusk

 - Gershom Bazerman

 - Edward Kmett

 - MLabs

 - Flipstone
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