[Haskell-cafe] Help test XDG support in cabal-install

Troels Henriksen athas at sigkill.dk
Mon Oct 3 19:56:51 UTC 2022

Brandon Allbery <allbery.b at gmail.com> writes:

> On Sun, Oct 2, 2022 at 2:49 PM Troels Henriksen <athas at sigkill.dk> wrote:
>> Still, because of the delicacy of a change like this, we’d like some
>> external confirmation that cabal is still usable. This requires human
>> trials. Therefore, if you are a human who uses cabal, please try
>> installing the latest development version and see if it still works for
>> you. If you want to try out the new XDG future, you can delete your
>> ~/.cabal directory (possibly copying ~/.cabal/config to
>> ~/.config/cabal/config first). I’ve been dogfooding this support for a
>> over month, but I have no illusions about my usage covering the full
>> feature space.
> Is there a convenient way to install this without doing a `git clone`?
> In particular I'd like a convenient way to manage it via `ghcup` as
> was provided for the RC.

As a side effect, Cabal's CI suite produces artifacts that contain
(dynamically linked) 'cabal' executables.  The following URL retrieves a
zipfile that contains a tarball that contains 'cabal':


It may or may not work for ghcup.  I assume that once actual release
candidates are made, more easily-installable binaries will also be
provided, as with previous releases. But that's probably six months or
more away.

\  Troels
/\ Henriksen

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