[Haskell-cafe] An org backend to Haddock

Yuchen Pei id at ypei.org
Thu Jul 21 06:09:12 UTC 2022

Hello again,

I added instructions on how to build org documentation for ghc libraries
using hadrian[1] to the readme, and with that I present you Haskell
Libraries Hierarchy module (like [2] but version 9.5) docs in one big
org file[3], as well as the real GHC API[4] and more accurate
ghc-prim[5] docs.

[1] https://g.ypei.me/haddock.git/about/
[2] https://downloads.haskell.org/ghc/9.2.2/docs/html/libraries/
[3] https://ypei.org/assets/haddorg-output/hierarchy-e2f0094c.org.gz
[4] https://ypei.org/assets/haddorg-output/ghc-9.5-e2f0094c.org.gz
[5] https://ypei.org/assets/haddorg-output/hierarchy-e2f0094c/ghc-prim.org.gz


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