[Haskell-cafe] An org backend to Haddock

Yuchen Pei id at ypei.org
Mon Jul 18 12:02:06 UTC 2022


I decided to write an Org backend to Haddock[1], so that haskell library
documentation can be generated in org mode markup.  Compared to the
existing backends (html, latex and hoogle), the org format allows
utilising features like the infinite levels of heading hierarchy,
flexible folding / unfolding, cross-package linking, jumping to any
declaration with org-goto and the endless potentials of emacs

It seems to me most information and haskell language features one can
find on displayed on hackage are supported by the org backend and
included in the output org files, though there are still some rough
edges and unsupported language features (like infix declarations and
linear types) which I aim to fix.  Some example output can be found at
[2] (I will need to rename the "assets" part of the url as it is not
accurate), including base[4], ghc-prim[5] and ghc-lib-parser[6] (I use
it for reference of the GHC API as it is easier to build than GHC).  For
more information, check out the README file[3].

Given this is not the official version of haddock and my changes are in
haddock-api, I'm calling it haddorg-api, for lack of a better name /
approach.  I'll be happy to contribute my changes upstream if a
different license covering my contribution (AGPLv3+) is accepted.

Let me know what you think.

[1] https://g.ypei.me/haddock.git/tree/haddock-api
[2] https://ypei.org/assets/haddorg-output/
[3] https://g.ypei.me/haddock.git/tree/haddock-api/README.org
[4] https://ypei.org/assets/haddorg-output/base-
[5] https://ypei.org/assets/haddorg-output/ghc-prim-0.8.0.org.gz
[6] https://ypei.org/assets/haddorg-output/ghc-lib-parser-


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