[Haskell-cafe] recommend book for self-study group

Varik Valefor varikvalefor at aol.com
Fri Feb 18 00:08:44 UTC 2022


D'oh!  Remember to use the "reply to all" thing.

The Haskell Language Report, hereinafter referred to as the "HNR", is an 
excellent reference material.  Additionally, thoroughly reading the HNR 
facilitates grokking Haskell.  But the HNR is a bit weird and can be 

Relatively "friendly" reading material includes "Learn You a Haskell for 
Great Good" and "Real World Haskell", which are available at 
https://learnyouahaskell.com/ and http://book.realworldhaskell.org, 

Just remember that using the HNR _is_ probably the best method of truly 
grokking Haskell... and that independently learning from the HNR is 
absolutely possible.  ;^)

Good luck,
Varik Valefor
"Fuch's Warning: If you actually look like your passport photo, you 
aren't well enough to travel."

On 2/17/22 10:15, Amy de Buitléir wrote:
> I want to encourage more people at my company to learn Haskell, but I 
> just don't have time to prepare and deliver a class. But then it 
> occurred to me I could lead a self-study group, where people learn on 
> their own but would have a forum to discuss what they're learning and 
> ask questions. I would encourage people to answer each other's 
> questions, but I would answer the more difficult questions.
> What book(s) do you think would be best suited for self-study? The 
> participants would all be experienced programmers, but would likely 
> have no knowledge of functional programming?

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