[Haskell-cafe] C binding <-> safer haskell API

PICCA Frederic-Emmanuel frederic-emmanuel.picca at synchrotron-soleil.fr
Wed Feb 9 17:43:39 UTC 2022

Hello, I try to create a binding for a C library

I can find something like this in the c library

merge(HklCube *cube, const  HklFrame *frame)

So I create a binding with binding-DSL

#ccall merge, Ptr <HklCube> -> Ptr <HklFrame> -> IO ()

Now I want to create a higher level API whcich encode the fact that the
cube is modified after the merge. So what is the best way to encode this in the type ?

merge :: _
merge c f = do
    c'merge pc pf

I thought about IORef, but I am not sure thaht this is  the right way to  have a safer  haskell interface for this method.

thanks for your help


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