[Haskell-cafe] Resources on how to implement (Haskell 98) kind-checking?

Benjamin Redelings benjamin.redelings at gmail.com
Thu Oct 14 14:26:00 UTC 2021

Thanks!  Good point.

For kind inference, I think that point won't come in to play unless I 
add CUSK's, which are not yet on the radar.  For type-inference though 
that is a good point.


On 10/13/21 8:58 AM, David Feuer wrote:
> Haskell 2010 defines virtually the same language as Haskell 98. The 
> differences are too trivial to worry about. One spot you may wish to 
> follow GHC (and I think Hugs, at least) rather than the Report: 
> https://ghc.gitlab.haskell.org/ghc/doc/users_guide/bugs.html#typechecking-of-recursive-binding-groups
> On Tue, Oct 12, 2021, 3:37 PM Benjamin Redelings 
> <benjamin.redelings at gmail.com> wrote:
>     Hi,
>     1. I'm looking for resources that describe how to implement kind
>     Haskell
>     98 checking.  Does anyone have any suggestions?
>     * I've looked at the PolyKinds paper, but it doesn't cover type
>     classes.
>     * I've looked at the source code to GHC, but it is hard to follow
>     for a
>     variety of reasons.  It isn't laid out like an algorithm description,
>     and the complexity to handle options like PolyKinds and DataKinds
>     makes
>     the code harder to follow.
>     2. One question that came up is how to handle type variables that are
>     present in class methods, but are not type class parameters. If there
>     are multiple types/classes in a single recursive group, the kind
>     of such
>     type variables might not be fully resolved until a later
>     type-or-class
>     is processed.  Is there a recommended approach?
>     I can see two ways to proceed:
>     i) First determine the kinds of all the data types, classes, and type
>     synonyms.  Then perform a second pass over each type or class to
>     determine the kinds of type variables (in class methods) that are not
>     type class parameters.
>     ii) Alternatively, record the kind of each type variable as it is
>     encountered -- even though such kinds may contain unification kind
>     variables.  After visiting all types-or-classes in the recursive
>     group,
>     replace any kind variables with their definition, or with a * if
>     there
>     is no definition.
>     I've currently implement approach i), which requires doing kind
>     inference on class methods twice.  Is this the recommended approach?
>     3. Also, is Haskell 98 kind checking the same as Haskell 2010 kind
>     checking?
>     -BenRI
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