[Haskell-cafe] ML Family Workshop 2021: deadline extension

Jonathan Protzenko jonathan.protzenko at gmail.com
Fri May 28 19:06:45 UTC 2021

The deadline for the ML family workshop has been extended by a week. If 
you were on the fence, please submit!


We are happy to announce that the ML Family Workshop is back for its 
2021 edition, which we will be held online on Thursday August 26th, in 
conjunction with ICFP 2021.

The ML family workshop warmly welcomes submission touching on the 
programming languages traditionally seen as part of the "ML family" 
(Standard ML, OCaml, F#, CakeML, SML#, Manticore, MetaOCaml, etc.). The 
scope of the workshop includes all aspects of the design, semantics, 
theory, application, implementation, and teaching of the members of the 
ML family. We also encourage presentations from related languages (such 
as Haskell, Scala, Rust, Nemerle, Links, Koka, F*, Eff, ATS, etc), to 
exchange experience of further developing ML ideas.

## Submission details

Submissions must be at most three pages long; see the full call for 
for details.

Submission site: https://ml21.hotcrp.com/

## Important dates

Thu, Jun 3th 2021 (AoE): submission deadline
Thu, Jun 24th 2021 (AoE): author notification
Thu, Aug 26th: workshop (time slots TBD)

## Program committee

Danel Ahman (University of Ljubljana)
Robert Atkey (University of Strathclyde)
Frédéric Bour (Tarides)
Ezgi Çiçek (Facebook London)
Youyou Cong (Tokyo Institute of Technology)
Richard A. Eisenberg (Tweag I/O)
Martin Elsman (University of Copenhagen, Denmark)
Ohad Kammar (University of Edinburgh)
Naoki Kobayashi (University of Tokyo, Japan)
Benoît Montagu (Inria)
Jonathan Protzenko (Microsoft Research) (Chair)
Kristina Sojakova (INRIA Paris)
Don Syme (Microsoft)
Matías Toro (University of Chile)
Katsuhiro Ueno (Tohoku University)

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