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I just wanted to mention that I studied my MsC. degree at Utrecht
University and Prof. Swiestra was my thesis supervisor. I cannot recommend
this summer school enough. Not only are Prof. Swiestra's accomplishments
extraordinary (you can look that up online) but he is also very gifted at
teaching. I took many courses with him and were both interesting and
entertaining. Prof. Swiestra is also very patient and dedicated and I am
sure he will put a lot of care making sure his students thoroughly
understand the topics and ensuring the summer school is well organized and
structured. All other professors I had in Utrecht were excellent at
teaching so I believe this is a great opportunity to "shift up gears" in
the wonderful Haskell language.

Best regards,

Ernesto Rodriguez

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>                         Online -  05-9 July 2021
>                          http://www.afp.school
> # Call for Participation
> ## About
> The Advanced Functional Programming summer school has been running for
> more than ten years. We aim to educate aspiring Haskell programmers
> beyond the basic material covered by many textbooks.
> This year the course will be offered *online only*. A typical day will
> consist a 2-3 hours of lectures, sandwiched between supervised lab
> sessions. Lectures will be held in the (European) afternoon, but
> recordings will be made available if attending live is problematic.
> The lectures will cover several more advanced topics regarding
> programming with types in Haskell, including topics such as:
>    * monads and applicative functors;
>    * lambda calculus;
>    * generalized algebraic datatypes;
>    * datatype generic programming
>    * type families and type-level programming;
> ## Lecturers
> Utrecht staff:
> * Gabriele Keller
> * Trevor McDonell
> * Wouter Swierstra
> ## Prerequisites
> We expect students to have a basic familiarity with Haskell
> already. You should be able to write recursive functions over
> algebraic data types, such as lists and trees. There is a great deal
> of material readily available that covers this material. If you've
> already started learning Haskell and are looking to take your
> functional programming skills to the next level, this is the course
> for you.
> Soft registration deadline: 1 June, 2021
> School: 05-09 July, 2021
> ## Costs
>    50 euro - Registration fee
> We ask ask participants to pay a small registration fee to cover some
> of our organizational expenses. If this is problematic for you *for
> whatever reason*, please let us know and we can waive your
> registration fee.
> ## Further information
> Further information, including instructions on how to register, is
> available on our website:
>    http://www.afp.school
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Ernesto Rodriguez

Masters Student
Computer Science
Utrecht University

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